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Setup and sync Arlo Wire-Free Cameras

The upcoming instructions can be applied for the setting up of your Arlo Wire-Free cameras with the Arlo base station and Arlo Pro 3 base stations. When you synchronize the Arlo wire-free cameras with Arlo Pro 3 base station, then there are a lot of features that you can easily use in the base station. To set up your Arlo Pro 3 camera, you need to install the Arlo app on your mobile, or the device like a computer and laptop. In Five simple steps, we will explain to you, how to set up your Arlo Pro 3 camera. Arlo can be easily used and installed within 10 minutes.

Arlo Camera setup in “Five Steps”

Step One: –

Go to the in your browser. If you are having a mobile device, then go to the app store of your device, and search for Arlo App in the search bar. When you get the app on the play store then click to download the app. Download and install the app. Unlock the app, and click “Select for Devices”, it will ask to select your device. Select the device that you are using from the list that you see on the home page of the app.

Step Two: –

Then you will be prompted to plug the Ethernet cable into the Arlo Pro 3 base-station to the LAN port of the router. Then plug the power adapter into the base-station, and power it one with the help of an electric outlet. Power up the Base Station and the base-station will search for devices to connect automatically. Now you will be asked to name the base station for security and customization of your device. After naming the base station, it will check for the firmware update, and automatically update the firmware.

Step three: –

In the next step, you will be prompted to insert the batteries inside your Arlo Pro 3 wire-free cameras. Just remove the cover of the batteries at the back of your camera, and then insert the batteries into each of the cameras that you want to look around your home and office. The logo of the battery will be facing an upward direction. As you would insert the batteries into your Arlo wire-free cameras, the base station will automatically select the cameras that you have to hook. Select all number of cameras that you want to place.

Step Three: –

Then you will be asked to create a personalized camera name for each of the cameras on the network. To do this, when prompted, type a name for a particular camera and click continue. Repeat the same process for each of the cameras that you have installed. It will help you to recognize your camera while viewing it. Like if you wish to view the camera that is in the drawing-room, then just search for “Drawing Door Cam” and it will directly take you to that cameras leaving the rest.

Step Four: –

Select a location with a clear vantage point and a strong signal. Place and position each camera one by one according to their respective name. Mount and set up Arlo camera to a newly built mount to view a clear HD view of recordings. If you wish to install a magnetic charging cable, you place an extra cable inside the mount to hide any unrequired slack in the cable. The modular design of your Arlo wire-free camera also prevents any accidental dropping of the cameras.

Step Five: –

When the camera is mounted, then select Continue, and go to the app. The app will ask you to select the cameras that you have placed. Next, you will see the “Welcome to Arlo Smart” screen. Thee you will get the notification that your Arlo 1-year plan is now activated. It will offer you 30 days free cloud recording, Support for ten cameras, person detection, e911 facility, etc. e911 is local emergency service for US only. You can use it with the simple tap from anywhere you are in the United State. You just need to enter your address and phone number.

Congratulations, your Arlo Camera Setup is now active, click finish, and you are now ready to enjoy the greater security. and a peace of mind with Arlo wire-free cameras.

Arlo Camera login not synchronizing with the Base-Station

Sometimes it can happen that when you try to synchronize your Arlo wire-free cameras or try to add extra Arlo cameras to the base station, then it can be failed to sync. If the synchronization process is not successful then your Arlo cameras will not be able to detect your system, until and unless it is successfully synchronized with the base station. We suggest you. to try these common remedies to troubleshoot your problems or the issues. Let us follow some needful troubleshooting steps to remove such kind of issues out of your Arlo camera login and setup process.

Camera should be close to the Base Station

While synchronizing the base-station with your Arlo cameras always keep the cameras close to the base station. it must not be to the distance of 3 feet from the base station during the sync process. The Sync process cannot be successful until your camera is far away from the base station while pressing the sync button on both the devices. 

Follow these remedies with different models

  1. If you are using a base station to which there is only one LED light, then don’t press the sync button. If the blue LED is blinking rapidly that means your smart hub or the base station has been successfully connected to the base station.
  2. If you are using a Smart Hub or the base station with the multi-LED, then press the Sync button on the base station. If the LED that is just above the camera icon is blinking green, your base station has successfully paired with your camera. Do not press the sync button for more than 2 to three seconds.
  3. If you are using an Arlo wire-free, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro2, or Pro 3 wire-free camera, Arlo go camera, then press the Sync button on the top of the camera hardware. the rapidly blinking blue LED shows that your camera has been synchronized with the Arlo cameras.
  4. the users of Arlo Ultra wire-free cameras, then there is no need to press the Sync button. If you get a rapid blinking Blue LED, then your camera is been synchronized with your Arlo base station.
  5. Synchronize all the cameras one by one, means one camera at a time. Repeat the process for each of your camera that you have to install around your house.
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Check the Battery Status of your cameras

low battery level can also prevent your cameras to synchronize with the base station. If there is an orange light blinking on your camera, or the camera is showing offline, then be alert. Your camera’s batteries have gone down below the minimum required level. To check the battery status.

  • Launch the Arlo app or log in to the account.
  • tap the option SETTINGS from the main dashboard of the app.
  • There you can see the status of your battery. If it is low, then you need to plug the charger to charge the batteries.

Check the status of the base-station

If you are unable to synchronize with the base station, you must include the base station to your system before synchronizing your Arlo camera setup to the base station. If the base station has got deactivated then your cameras will not be able to synchronize with the Arlo app. Follow these actions to check the status of the base station;

  • Launch the installed Arlo app from your mobile device or the other networking device.
  • Hit the Setting icon, and then click My Devices.
  • Select the base station, and you will get the base station’s device settings.
  • If you still cannot solve the issue, then without hesitation contact with our experts at

Personalize your Arlo Camera Setup

After completing the setup process for the Arlo camera login and synchronization with the base station, we have to personalize it. Customization of your Arlo camera and the base station is a must to give a strong security layer of your camera. Else the hackers can break the security and steal your data very easily, if you would not secure your Arlo system, you will not be able to get the alerts regarding the security of the data that has stored through your cameras.  After creating the rules and Modes for your cameras, Arlo does the rest of the settings for itself.

  • Giving a unique name to your Arlo camera system to personalize it. It helps you to recognize your Arlo cameras from the rest of the names that you see in the WIFI name list.
  • The first step is to make login to your Arlo camera Account.
  • For the login use or
  • Enter the details, like email addresses and passwords. Then you can tap the green tab “Log In”.
  • Go to settings and tap “Camera settings”.
  • Then you have to select the appropriate camera that to wish to customize first. The rest of the cameras can also be customized using the same process.
  • In the name field, remove the current and default name of your camera and type a unique name in that area. It is limited to 32 characters only. Then click done to secure your changes.

Set Up Rules for Your Arlo Camera setup

After making a login to the camera you need to set rules also. With the setting up of rules, you are allowed to set your cameras to work according to a fixed schedule. With these rules, you can instruct your Arlo System what to do in certain conditions. If we take an example then you can set your Arlo cameras to record videos when the motion detector is activated on a specific camera, and you will be instantly making alert with an email or text message. These rules can also be created within modes and schedules to personalize your Arlo system.

  1. After login to your Arlo account, go to Settings>then, Rules> Then, Add.
  2. Enter a particular name for the rule, then under the tagline “If the Following”, select your Arlo camera to which you want to apply the rules.
  3. To adjust the sensitivity of your Motion sensor, use the slider. You can raise the sensitivity percentage to increase the number of videos that your Arlo camera records.
  4. You can even lower the percentage of the sensitivity to decrease the number of videos tat your Arlo camera records.
  5. After setting and adjusting the percentage of your Arlo camera sensitivity, go under the option “Then Do Following” select the required action that you want your Arlo camera to enact.
  6. Now select the camera on through which you want to have these recordings. Again, use the slider to justify the length of the videos that you want to have.

When your Arlo system will activate the rules, and If you wish to get alerts through the emails or messages, then click on “To This List” and enter an email address or the mobile number to receive the messages and the alerts.